Licence Internationale d’Économie et de Gestion

+ L3 International Economics and Business

Diplôme National
Licence Droit – Économie – Gestion / Mention Économie et Gestion



A unique and demanding course for those who aim high, with an anglo-saxon approach to teaching and an emphasis on preparation for an international career.

The International Bachelor in Economics & Business provides an essential multidisciplinary competencies through an Anglo Saxon approach that prepares you to work in a diverse international setting.

This International Bachelor opens doors to a wide array of career paths, from finance and marketing to international trade and consulting with the possibility of specializing in a variety of fields and pursuing the best Masters whether in France or abroad.

By following this program, you will gain experience through internships and real-world projects, enhancing your practical skills and global network.

Students have also many international opportunities with a whole year in total immersion abroad thanks to more than a 100 partner universities.

This Bachelor in International Economics and Management offers two options : « Art Management & Creativity » or « International Management ». The two options have 80% of their courses in common



Why choose this option?

  • Because art reveals hidden talents and not only those of an artist
  • Because creativity and interpersonal skills are highly sought after by businesses
  • Because an artistic flair combined with sound academic results opens the doors to foreign universities



Why choose this option?

  • Improve your ability to deal with complex structures both in terms of managing and analysis of information
  • Increase your competence with statistical software’s, such as Excel and R
  • Acquire the management skills, such as leadership, team management, negotiation, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.
  • Be formed to the management of international structures by professionals


Licence 1

    • It constitutes the foundation of the degree. The first year allows you to acquire the necessary background and knowledge in management and economics, complemented by the fundamentals of statistics, finance, and mathematics.
    Semestre 1
    Enseignements fondamentauxCrédits
    Introduction to economy3
    Introduction to macroeconomics3
    Comparative business law3
    Financial accounting3
    Remise à niveau en mathématiques2
    Business analytics and statistics3
    LV1 : English2
    LV2 : Spanish or German2
    Parcours IM or Parcours AMC or « Étudiant Créateur » (Entrepreneurship)6 crédits


    Semestre 2
    Enseignements fondamentauxCrédits
    Introduction to microeconomics2
    Money, banking and financing2
    Economic policy2
    Introduction to marketing3
    Introduction to Human Ressources3
    Financial accounting3
    Business analytics and statistics3
    LV1 : English2
    LV2 : Spanish or German2
    Parcours IM or Parcours AMC or « Étudiant Créateur » (Entrepreneurship)6 crédits

Licence 2

    • Allows you to broaden the horizons by considering the interrelationship between organizations and their environment. The second year, you learn economics and management by applying theory to practice using case studies and business simulations. Statistical and mathematical training are applied to the field of economy and management.
    Semestre 3
    Enseignements fondamentauxCrédits
    International economics3
    La monnaie3
    Business plan3
    Introduction to anglo-saxon accounting2
    Mathematics applied to economics2
    Business analytics and statistics3
    LV1 : English4
    LV2 : Spanish or German2
    Parcours IM or Parcours AMC or « Étudiant Créateur » (Entrepreneurship)6 crédits


    Semestre 4
    Enseignements fondamentauxCrédits
    Time Value of Money2
    Comparative business contracts3
    Introduction to stock exchange practice3
    Mathematics applied to economy3
    Business analytics and statistics3
    LV1 : English4
    LV2 : Spanish or German2
    Parcours IM or Parcours AMC or « Étudiant Créateur » (Entrepreneurship)6 crédits

Licence 3

    • The year of internationalization, you can spend one academic year abroad in one of our 200 partner universities. The program allows you to explore and acquire diverse culture by living and studying in a foreign country without having to compromise on academic excellence.


Semestre 5
Corporate Finance4
Customer service and sales4
Introduction to social economy4
Globalization and International Markets4
Marketing strategy and planning4
Business strategy4
International exchange week (design thinking)2
Final degree project 12
TOTAL SEMESTRE 530 crédits


Semestre 6
Elements of econometrics and use of R4
Digital marketing3
Geopolitics & Global Economy3
Risk theory4
Leadership and interpersonal skills4
Advanced strategic management4
International Business Game3
Final degree project 22
TOTAL SEMESTRE 630 crédits
TOTAL LICENCE 360 crédits


L1: Internship for minimum 4 weeks in France or abroad

L2: Internship for minimum 4 weeks in France or abroad

L3: Internship for minimum 6 weeks in France or abroad

Over the 3 years, at least one internship to be carried out abroad.


The bachelor in international economics and management is a three-year, full time programme, which integrate contemporary economics with cutting edge managerial analysis in an international environment. The cross-disciplinary approach allows you to develop a complete picture of how economy and organization function hand in hand.

The curriculum aims to develop your intellectual understanding of economics, management, and econometrics in the global context. This well-balanced economist and manager education will enable you to graduate with the ability to confront complex decisions, deal with changes in today’s quickly changing global environment, and drive innovation in business.

The programme allows you to move from an introductory phase to an implementation phase, followed by a specialization phase in the last year.

Key information

  • Degree earned: Bachelor in International economic and management
  • Language: English and French
  • Duration: Three years, full time
  • Programme start: September

The program prepares you for the next steps in your successful career by combining extensive academia, Anglo-Saxon teaching style, group works, projects, conference, and professional internship in a multi-disciplinary and inter-cultural environment. Most of our students have pursued their dream of higher education by enrolling into top business schools or universities both in Europe and the world.

Dual Degree Programme

After completing the 3n year of a Bachelor’s degree at Lille, you can choose to enroll Double Degree Programme with one of your two partner universities:

Pontifical University of Paranà Province (Brasil), you can enrol the final year of PUC Paranà bachelor program in International Management fully taught in English and obtain a bachelor level diploma.


Pontifical University of Cali (Colombia), you can enroll the final year of PUC Javeriana Bachelor Degree in International Business fully taught in English in a Spanish speaking environment and obtain a Bachelor level Diploma.

Entry Requirements

Pour une admission en 1ère année, la candidature se fait exculsivement sur la plateforme Parcoursup 

Pour une intégration en licence 1 :

  • Lycéens issus d’un bac général ayant suivi les spécialités suivantes :
    • En 1ère : spécialité Mathématiques vivement conseillée / spécialité SES conseillée
    • En terminale : spécialité SES conseillée / spécialité Mathématiques complémentaires conseillée

Pour une intégration en licence 2 ou 3 :

  • Etudiants en L1 ou L2 Gestion, Economie, ou diplômes équivalents


  • International exchange program for an academic year.
  • Dual degree with the international partner.
  • Learn from international and national faculty members, recognized experts in research and/or professional practice which is integrated into the teaching of this course.
  • Study in a multicultural environment, improving your language skills, and gain professional experience in a foreign country.
  • Develop presentation, communication, analysis, and critical thinking.
  • Language courses in English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Russia, and others, along with fluent business language.
  • Prepare for TOEFL and TOEIC entrance exam.
  • Broaden your network by joining our strong global alumni group.

Success rate 2022-2023

77% Licence 1
85% Licence 2
100% Licence 3

The International Bachelor in Economics and Management brings together open-minded people from different horizons with the same passion for economics, languages, and creativity.
The diversity and uniqueness of the program and the size of the classes are for me the real asset of this degree. I really appreciated the English-speaking environment as well as the creative approach of learning and teaching. All the classes, the projects and the professional opportunities supported my goal of working in Corporate Social Responsibility. After my third year in exchange in Canada, I am continuing my studies in the Master in Management of ESCP Business School.

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