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Extending international reach and creating innovative international opportunities for students is at the heart of the FGES development strategy. Over the years, the faculty has built strong ties with universities and higher education institutions all over the world in the fields of business, management and economics but also biology, engineering and computer sciences. With over 130 partnership agreements signed under ERASMUS or bilateral cooperation, FGES has developed (and continues to develop) a wide range of international activities, including :


Every year the FGES welcomes over 100 international students from all over the world to Lille and sends about 150 of its own students to study abroad. University exchange programs are a very important component of the FGES international strategy and are embedded in some of our bachelor programs, such as the International Economics and Business bachelor degree. As a result, the faculty has a wide offer of English classes open for international students in the field of business, management, accounting and economics: more than 90 different courses are available at undergraduate level and over 50 at Master level.

The FGES also encourages professor exchanges and staff mobility in general to foster life-long learning and create an “international-friendly” culture in the faculty. Every year, the FGES participates in La Catho International week and welcomes international professors to deliver lectures in English on specific topics.

international students


The FGES currently offers 4 double degree opportunities at master level in the field of International Management implemented in partnership with Juniata College in the United States, Liverpool Hope University in the UK, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy and Universidad Esan in Peru.

Double degree programs are being developed at bachelor level with universities in Brasil, Colombia and Spain with the purpose of giving FGES students and foreign students both the French  “Licence internationale d’Economie & Gestion” degree and the “Bachelor in Business Administration” (BBA) degree.


Throughout the academic year, many international activities are organised on campus in order to provide opportunities for international and intercultural learning to all students, not only to those who are mobile or able to study overseas. Such activities include:


The FGES takes full advantage of Lille’s ideal location at the heart of the Paris-London-Amsterdam triangle to implement cross-border projects with neighbouring countries. Every year, 3rd year students in accounting participate in an “International Business Game” with students from Liverpool Hope University and Gent University. Students of the FGES international bachelor degree majoring in “Arts and Creativity” carry out a creative international project jointly with students from Avans University in Breda.

International Business Game

International Business Game : cross-border teams between ISEA by FGES, HoGent (Belgium) and Liverpool Hope University (UK)

Global Initiatives & Collaborative International on-line Learning (COIL)

The FGES also works with partner universities located further away in Europe or on other continents to develop and provide international learning opportunities in an on-line format and enable students to “travel without leaving the classroom”. In 2020, FGES students in Business Strategy participated in the “Global Case Study Online” together with 600 other students from all over the world and worked on an international business challenge as a team for a period of 8 weeks before presenting their results in an international conference held on line. International teaching may also take place as shared lectures with a partner university.

The faculty intends to increase the co-development of such courses/modules or projects in partnership with overseas universities in the field of business but also biology and computer sciences as we consider it an excellent way to develop students’ intercultural, linguistic and digital skills.

International Research Projects

The FGES is also active in the field of research and regularly publishes papers in international reviews focusing on the social impact of businesses and modern societal transitions (digital, energy). International collaborations also include participating in European projects (H2020, Erasmus + KA2) and attending international conferences. The FGES wishes to deepen and renew existing partnerships through new research themes, create new transnational working units and increase publications of international journals ranked on HCERES and CNRS classifications.

The FGES is always looking for new partners and has a lot to offer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working with us!



Associate Dean for International Relations
Farouk Allouche
International Project Manager
Raffaella Pagliardi
International Project Coordinator
Miya Khochmatlian