Master in corporate finance and financial markets

Ancien Master Finance d’Entreprise et des Marchés
Master en cours de conventionnement, ouverture rentrée 2023-2024


Diplôme national en convention avec l’Université de Lille : Master Droit, Économie, Gestion
Mention Monnaie-Banque-Finance-Assurance – Parcours Finance d’Entreprise et des Marchés

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For whom ?

Students and professionals with a bachelor’s degree in law, economics, management, finance, or mathematics with management.

In light of the importance of transdisciplinarity in these professions, the Master in Corporate Finance and Financial markets includes a bridging course in the first year and strives to consolidate students’ knowledge, no matter their background, in the fields of company law, economics, cost accounting, management control and auditing, as well as the quantitative techniques necessary for teaching market finance. By acquiring this knowledge, students can fully master the financial elements and develop a more analytical mind, allowing them to achieve management objectives in a more consistent manner.

Why choose this master ?

  • Master the foundations of financial theory thanks to our team of teachers/researchers
  • Acquire high-level strategic and operational expertise
  • Follow a practical approach thanks to the expertise of professional figures
  • Discover new finance professions and adapt to the demands of a constantly changing labour market


  • Internships and work-study programs: :

    Students are accompanied and guided towards professional life. At least 4 months of internship at the end of Master 1, and a professional training contract or apprenticeship in Master 2.

  • Workshops (CV, interviews, SUCCESS INSIGHTS®…), conferences (30 under 30, RH Performances…), visits (Euronext, EuraTechnologies, Paris Stock Exchange, Decathlon Lab…).
  • 80% of the speakers in M2 are professionals. Our program benefits from a strong complementarity between theoretical foundations and practical techniques applied in the professional world. The academic faculty’s work is reinforced by the expertise of our industry and financial management practitioners.
  • Development of a network of professional partners in the finance industry who provide training and recruitment opportunities for our students.


The Master in Responsible and Sustainable Finance had the pleasure of hosting Charlie Meraud, Karim Sabba, and Zahreddine Touag, the three co-founders of the French Association for Cryptocurrency Management, as part of the CRYPTO-DAY event. In this interview, Charlie Meraud, spokesperson for the AFGC, provides us with a closer look at the association’s activities, particularly within the academic sphere.



The subjects and credits presented in this program are subject to change without compromising the essential content and direction of the training.

Master 1

Cours à plein temps (septembre à mars) + 4 mois de stage à plein temps (avril à juillet).


UE : Gestion des risques bancaires et financiers
Finance des marchés
Risk management
UE : Programmation
Introduction à VBA
UE : Finance d’entreprise
Finance d’entreprise
Comptabilité approfondie
UE : Interdisciplinaire
Jeu d’entreprise
Développement Personnel
UE : Expertise professionnelle et recherche
Méthodologie de recherche
TOTAL SEMESTRE 1 : 30 crédits ECTS
UE : Gestion des risques bancaires et financiers
BMC : Bloomberg Market Concepts
Derivative markets
UE : Economie bancaire et financière
Politique économique
Théorie des marchés
UE : Finance d’entreprise
Analyse financière
CSR and reporting
Contrôle de gestion
UE : Expertise professionnelle et recherche
Évaluation de la période en entreprise
Projets inter master
Méthodologie de recherche
TOTAL SEMESTRE 2 : 30 crédits ECTS
TOTAL MASTER 1 : 60 crédits ECTS

Les étudiants de Master 1 sont préparés au test d’anglais TOEFL.

Qu’est ce que le TOEFL ?

Master 2

Alternance de septembre à avril (rythme 3 jours / 2 jours). Du lundi au mercredi en entreprise, le jeudi et vendredi en cours.
En entreprise de mai à août.


UE : Gestion des risques bancaires et financiers
Financial markets and investment decisions
International finance
Cryptocurrencies, ecosystems and ICOs
UE : Programmation
Modélisation financière sur VBA
UE : Finance d’entreprise
Gestion de trésorerie
Contrôle interne et audit
Ethics and finance
UE : Interdisciplinaire
Jeu d’entreprise
International negotiation
UE : Expertise professionnelle et recherche
Méthodologie de recherche
TOTAL SEMESTRE 3 : 30 crédits ECTS
UE : Croissance externe
Fusion et acquisitions
Private equity and financing innovation
UE : Finance d’entreprise
Advanced corporate finance
Ingénierie financière
Analyse financière
Fiscalité de l’entreprise
Contrôle de gestion
UE : Expertise professionnelle et recherche
Evaluation de la période en entreprise
Synthèse professionnelle
TOTAL SEMESTRE 4 : 30 crédits ECTS
TOTAL MASTER 2 : 60 crédits ECTS

The Master’s in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets offers its first- and second-year students the chance to take the Bloomberg Market Concepts certification.

“Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is an 8-hour self-paced e-learning course that provides a visual introduction to the financial markets. BMC consists of four modules — Economics, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities — woven together from Bloomberg data, news, analytics and television. Using the BMC digital courseware as a course companion frees up class time for more advanced topics.”

This master’s degree provides targeted training to suit the real needs of the world of finance. We therefore prepare students for a range of key positions.

The focus has increasingly shifted to the new aspects of finance shaping today and tomorrow: crowdfunding, financial engineering, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), financing innovation, the role of investment funds, FinTech, etc

success rate

71% working immediately after 6 month after this master

Spend one year abroad and obtain a double degree!

Otto Friedrich Universität (Bamberg)

Upon successful completion of two semesters at FGES during the first year of this Master’s program and successful completion of two semesters at Otto-Friedrich Universität in Bamberg in the second year, students will obtain a Master of Science in Finance & Accounting in addition to the Master’s degree in International Management from France.

Teaching languages: English & German

The companies that host our students.

Decathlon: partner company

Professional support for students throughout their academic journey, assistance with professional integration, individualized coaching, case studies, workshops and seminars, finance careers in retail…

Some careers held by our graduates

The Master in Responsible and Sustainable Finance provides relevant training to meet the real needs of the finance world. We prepare students for key and traditional positions such as:

  • Financial analysis
  • Internal audit
  • Mergers & acquisitions consulting
  • Finance and administration management
  • Asset management
  • Credit management
  • Cash management
  • Management control
  • Financial reporting

There is an increasing focus on the new practices of today’s and tomorrow’s finance, such as crowdfunding, financial engineering, socially responsible investments (SRI), innovation financing, the role of investment funds, and fintech.


After taking an introductory course in market finance during my last year of undergraduate studies, I wanted to delve deeper into the subject while further developing my knowledge in corporate finance. The Master in Responsible and Sustainable Finance perfectly aligned with my expectations. The program offered is comprehensive and covers all sectors of finance, allowing us to acquire skills in key areas of corporate finance and markets. The guidance provided by industry professionals provides us with a more concrete and practical perspective, as well as daily advice related to both coursework and professional expectations from companies.

The real advantage of this master’s program lies in the opportunity to complete a first-year internship, which I carried out at Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe as a regulatory risk analyst, and a second-year apprenticeship at LCL as a corporate credit analyst. These experiences allowed me to confirm my career goals and opened doors for me in the banking sector

« With a 4-month placement in my 1st year and work/study training in my 2nd year, the Master in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets met my expectations, combining theoretical knowledge with professional experience. Many courses are taught by professionals from the world of finance and business management. This represents a valuable opportunity for students, allowing us to discuss and explore their experiences in business.

The Master’s in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets helped me to swiftly integrate into the professional world, as I was hired as a management accountant by the company where I did my placement and my work/study programme. »

« This master’s degree allowed me to develop sound financial knowledge, providing me with practical business skills.

The work/study programme proved very rewarding. I was able to put the knowledge acquired throughout my studies into practice during my placement and work/study programme, which made it easier to get my first job.

Looking beyond theoretical knowledge, this master’s degree helps to develop the professional and personal qualities we need for the jobs of tomorrow: agility, efficiency and responsiveness »

pedagogical coordinator
Qing XU