Master Food, Art & Fashion Management

Internationalization, monitoring, management

The Master Food, Art and Fashion Management is a fully taught in english. It is possible to make it full time class « formation initiale » or having a part time working experience called « alternance »

Please specify your choice between formation initiale or alternance. If you choose the alternance option, please specify the kind of contract : « contrat de professionnalisation » or « contrat d’apprentissage« . The rythm for alternance is 3 days course / 2 days enterprise a week.

The Master Food, Art & Fashion Management is available in double degree. Double degree program involves students working for two university degrees in parallel – UC Lille and a foreigner university -Parthenope University of Naples (Italy).

master fges certifie par l etat

Opens in September 2023 !

For who ?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in international business, management, economics, law, and statistical-mathematical fields.

For a direct entry into Master 2: 4-year bachelor or Master 1.


Appetences required :

Soft skills
International Marketing
art food fashion
Art, Food and Fashion
language skills
Language skills

Why Should I choose this Master Food, Art & Fashion Management ?


  • The study program offers the acquisition of competences and skills for professionals in Fashion, Art and Food business management
  • Learning modules meant to provide a comprehensive vision about creativity, innovation markets, etc.
  • To participate to a Double Degree program.
  • To benefit from an effective preparation for your future career.
  • To develop your knowledge, your language skills to better respond to the business challenges.

And after ?

Many jobs are possible after the Master Food, Art & Fashion Management :

  • A wide variety of positions and roles such as entrepreneurs, executives, managers, consultants able to support companies and agencies operating in the fields of Fashion, Art and Food industry in an international market such as Brand Manager, Product Manager.
  • Opportunities in international businesses in the area of decision-making process, operations management and growth strategies promoting synergies between Fashion, Art and Food industry.

SCHOOL Program


1st Semester – 30 ECTS
  • Courses

Monitoring and reporting
Reflection and strategy
Appropriate communication
Managerial culture
Professional expertise and research

2nd Semester – 30 ECTS
  • Courses

Monitoring and reporting
Business environment
International reflection and management
Appropriate reflection
Professional expertise and research


3rd Semester – 30 ECTS
  • Courses à University Parthenope of Naples

International management operations
Managerial and international culture
Exploratory and elective courses

4th Semester – 30 ECTS
  • Courses

International management operations
Managerial and international culture
Exploratory and elective courses
Profesional expertise and research